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Meeting Evaluator

(Learning to evaluate, prioritize issues and improve chapter meeting ROI)

Return On Investment (ROI) is simply Value over Time & Effort (V/T&E). The Value received for the Time and Effort expended to prepare, attend and participate in a chapter meeting accrues both to individual members and to the chapter as an organization. It’s healthy for the chapter if all members have multiple opportunities to praise and improve leadership through feedback. The Program Chair makes a good Meeting Evaluator for every meeting—someone who focuses on recurring opportunities and improvements over the long run. Additionally, at least one Meeting Evaluator—often more than one depending on chorus size or needs—is assigned on a rotating basis for each meeting. About once a quarter, it’s a good idea to have a week where the meeting evaluation opportunity is thrown open to everyone instead of just specified individuals.
When analyzing the value of a meeting as Meeting Evaluator, look for:
1. Good ROI within each meeting segment and
2. Good ROI of the meeting as a whole.

1. Within each meeting segment:

  •  Preparation by the segment leader
  •  Pace and clarity
  •  Content worth to the members for time spent
  •  Content worth to the organization for time spent
  •  Possibilities for improving or replacing the segment

2. The meeting as a whole:

  •  Variety
  •  Pace
  •  Balance
    •  talking balanced with singing
    •  fun balanced with everything
    •  too much or not enough of anything
  •  Content worth to the members for time spent
  •  Content worth to the organization for time spent
  •  Individual attitudes
  •  Closing spirit or mood
  •  Possibilities for improvement

Within two days following the meeting, either by phone or email, share your observations and suggestions only with the Director or Music/Performance VP and the Program Chair. They will handle interfacing with others to create better chapter meeting value. Thank you for helping make this an ever better chapter!

Meeting Evaluation

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