In early 1984, the Chapter’s Board of Directors, at the suggestion of President Frank Hendricks, decided that the Chapter should have a Hall of Honor as a permanent tribute to members who had served us well, and who embodied those character traits which we consider as essential to an outstanding Barbershopper.

The need for a Hall of Honor was brought into focus by the untimely passing of Charter Member Joe Jordan, a man who had served the Chapter faithfully over the entire span of its history. In addition, Joe personified the character traits of an ideal Barbershopper. Therefore, it was decided to establish this award, to designate Joe as the first inductee, and to use him as a model against which future inductees would be judged.


In order to qualify for Membership in the Westchester County Chapter’s Hall of Honor, a man must meet the following criteria:

  1. He must be an outstanding Barbershopper in every way.
  2. He must have been a member of the Westchester County Chapter for many years.
  3. During those year, he must have compiled a consistent record of service to the Chapter.
  4. He must embody to a satisfactory degrees the character, ideals, and principles of Joe Jordan, which include leadership, good musicianship, gentlemanly behavior, courtesy, kindness, sincerity, integrity, and a sense of humor.
  5. He must be elected by a unanimous vote of the Chapter’s Board of Directors.
  6. No more than five designees may be elected in any one year, and it is not necessary that any be elected in any particular year.

Members of Westchester County Chapter’s Hall of Honor

Name Year Inducted Primary Function
Joe Jordan 1984 Charter Member
Jim Edwards 1985 Founder
Gardner Peene 1985 Second Director
Bob Craig 1985 Fourth Director
Ernie Matson 1985 District President
Bill Park 1985 Society President
Walt Arvidson 1986 First Director
Graham Hubbel 1986 Charter Member
Art Merrill 1986 Society President
Fred Steinkamp 1986 Staging Guru
Dave Frankland 1987 Third Director
Walter Peek 1988 Past President
Tom LaMotte 1988 Past President
Steve Delehanty 1989 Composer/Arranger
Bill Rowell 1991 Past President
John Finkbiner 1991 Past President
Doug Chapman 1993 Presentation Guru
Mike Calhoun 1995 Past President
Al Fennell 1997 Sixth Director
Angelo Sticca 1998 Past President
Tom Pease 2002 Past President
Bob Negaard 2003 Past President
Dave Schuman 2003 Fifth Director
Phil Richards 2003 Past President
Bill Kruse 2013 President
John Fotia 2014 Past President
Bill Kruse 2013 President
Keith Harris 2021 Director
Ed Kane 2021 Master Carpenter
Glenn Allen 2021 Grand Chef
Bob Lohaus 2022 Riser King